The School of Complex Systems and Big Data: Ethical Implications for Self-Organized Cognition aims at discussing ethical and epistemological implications of the use of Big Data Analytics for self-organized cognition and action, from the perspective of the Complex Systems paradigm.

Big Data is characterized by the massive and rapidly growing amount of diversified data available by means of ubiquitous computing, and the techniques employed to analyse it. Big Data as a complex system not only presents new problems and solutions involving the acquisition of useful and valuable information, but also raises ethical questions: Who owns this data — the users that produce it or the companies that mine it? Are Big Data tools enabling the invasion of the users’ privacy and the alteration of their autonomy for action? Are Big Data models affecting human self-organized opinions? Are Big Data techniques facilitating the spread of fake news? Can Big Data strategies be properly used as investigation tools in the human sciences? These and other questions are going to be investigated in the School of Complex Systems and Big Data, allowing inter/trans disciplinary analyses of the possible influences of Big Data Analytics on the emerging patterns of social opinion formation.

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